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As enterprise organizations continue to make increasing use of sensitive business data to gain competitive advantage, data security needs to be a primary consideration at the very beginning of these projects. Failure to provide adequate protection from day one will inevitably mean problems further down the line.

Enterprise organizations choose to work with data warehousing and management systems that offer competitive advantage and the ability to provide business insight from all available data sources. Alongside the power to access and interrogate huge volumes of data, including highly sensitive corporate assets, comes the responsibility to ensure that data is rigorously protected and business operations remain safe and compliant.

The Vormetric Protection for Teradata Database product allows organizations to maintain granular and inclusive controls over business-sensitive assets held across Teradata environments, while retaining the key performance, scalability, and big data analytics capabilities inherent in Teradata.

Securing sensitive data

Key messages

  • Strong security is an integral requirement for enterprise operations that work with sensitive data.
  • Systems operability needs to be supported by safe and unencumbered access to data.
  • Compliance and regulatory controls that meet industry, national, and international demands need to be supported.
  • Scalability must be supported by security that safeguards sensitive data across the enterprise.

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