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The United States' smaller businesses are going digital. This report provides a detailed snapshot of why, what, and how micro, small, and medium-sized businesses are buying digital services such as apps, mobility, and cybersecurity. It reflects a spread of key industries that populate the SoHo and SME universe.


  • The United States' smaller businesses want to become data-first organizations. Analytics is the No. 1 application that US SMEs plan to invest in.
  • Three of the top five processes that the region’s smaller businesses want to improve are customer-centric.

Features and Benefits

  • Discover what business challenges trigger digital investments.
  • Align to how SoHos and SMEs want to buy technology services.

Key questions answered

  • Where are SoHos and SMEs increasing their technology spending?
  • Are SoHos and SMEs satisfied with their communication service providers?

Table of contents


  • Download 1: US SMEs in 2019: Digital Investment Plans