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The US is home to a mature mobile market, with 457 million subscriptions at end-2Q18. Mobile subscription count is forecast to grow 6.3% between end-2018 and end-2022, while that of fixed broadband is forecast to grow 10.6% over the same period and that of pay TV to fall 4.2% between end-2018 and end-2023.


  • LTE is expected to peak in 2021 in the US and begin to decline as 5G begins to make inroads.
  • Verizon is set to imminently launch fixed 5G.
  • Programming costs force OTT video service prices up.

Features and Benefits

  • Learn about key market developments in the telecoms, TV, and OTT video markets in the US.
  • Learn about the market dynamics in the telecoms market, as well as trends in technology migration and regulatory actions.
  • Compare multiplay service categories offered by major US service providers.

Key questions answered

  • What is the outlook for subscriptions and revenues in each market segment – mobile, fixed, and TV?
  • For mobile, fixed, and TV market segments, what is the five-year technology outlook?
  • What are the key developments in telecoms, TV, and OTT video segments?

Table of contents


  • Introduction
  • Download 1: US: Mobile, Broadband, TV, and OTT Video Report