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Organizational fatigue often goes unidentified and becomes a major hurdle to success through the transformation journey, but this situation can be avoided by recognizing the signs, and remedying it.


  • Enterprises often fail to admit that there is a deeper, organization-wide reason beyond delivery problems, cost overruns, and supply chain or service provider issues that is plaguing the transformation program.
  • Transformation fatigue is essentially a feeling of exhaustion, apathy, and resignation that people in the organization feel when the changes happening in the organization are excessive.
  • Successful transformation programs require that the symptoms of fatigue and their underlying causes are identified and strategies fine-tuned to alleviate them.

Features and Benefits

  • This report will help identify the various factors that aggravate transformation fatigue.
  • The report provides advice and guidance on how to prevent fatigue from derailing the transformation program.

Key questions answered

  • What is transformation fatigue and what are its causes?
  • How can enterprises address the challenges posed by transformation fatigue?

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Identifying signs of organizational fatigue is the first step to reinvigorating transformation

  • What are the signs and symptoms of transformation fatigue?
  • Why is my organization experiencing fatigue at this point in time?


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