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The Total Fixed Voice Subscription and Revenue Forecast: 2019–24 is part of Ovum's fixed forecast series, which provides in-depth projections of KPIs for the fixed voice market to 2024. It includes subscriptions by technology, service revenues, subscription revenues, and call revenues.


  • On a global basis, service revenues from fixed voice services are expected to decline at a CAGR of -5.42% between 2019 and 2024, from $147bn in 2019 to $111bn in 2024. The largest declines in absolute terms will occur in the markets of Africa (-8.25% CAGR), Eastern Europe (-7.47%), and Central and Southern Asia (-7.19%).
  • Globally, fixed voice subscriptions are expect to fall from 897 million in 2019 to 824 million in 2024, a CAGR of -1.69%, driven by fixed-to-mobile substitution. This decline is far slower than the decline in revenues due to the impact of bundling.

Features and Benefits

  • Examines how fixed voice subscriptions and revenues will change between 2019 and 2024 across all regions and major markets in the world.
  • Shows the increasing maturity of developed-market fixed voice services and the impact of fixed-to-mobile and VoIP substitution.

Key questions answered

  • How many voice subscriptions are there globally, and how fast will they decline over the next five years?
  • What is the outlook for fixed voice revenues?
  • How are voice revenues shifting between calls and subscriptions?
  • How is fixed voice technology migrating over the next five years?

Table of contents


  • Introduction
  • Download 1: Total Fixed Voice Subscription and Revenue Forecast: 2019–24