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This is a summary of key topics, issues, and trends discussed at the recent Connected TV World Summit in London.


  • At the recent Connected TV World Summit in London, speakers shared the view that OTT is a mainstream activity everywhere, and many were eager to show off their company's investments in and partnerships with online streaming services.
  • At the same time, most delegates made sure to point out that there is life still in linear TV and traditional platforms, and fear of the unknown seems to have largely gone away. Coexistence is the rule of the day.

Features and Benefits

  • Summarizes the issues discussed at the conference.
  • Assesses issues from the points of view of pay-TV operators and new OTT players.

Key questions answered

  • What were the key issues discussed at the event?
  • What are the key concerns of the media and entertainment industry?

Table of contents

Ovum view

  • Summary
  • Paramount+ is on the road to SLIN and D2C
  • SkyQ the "best TV experience in the world" – but one that aggressively promotes on-demand
  • The potential for virtual pay-TV operators in Europe
  • The role of sports in OTT
  • Innovation in sports broadcasting
  • Are young people no longer interested in linear TV or traditional sports?


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