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This report examines five key trends that will shape of video gaming and esports markets over the next five years, assesses the impact they will have on players from across the TMT sector, and provides recommendations for how players should respond.


  • Cloud gaming will create a new “super-casual” gaming segment. Increasing internet speeds and cloud gaming will democratize premium games, meaning anybody with a smartphone can enjoy a premium, console-type gaming experience in an instant – leading to the second great wave of gaming for all.

Features and Benefits

  • Examines the future impact of five key video gaming trends across consumption, competition, business models, geographies, and technologies.
  • Provides a short-term (0-1 years), medium-term (2-3 years), and long-term (3-5 years) view of how each video gaming trend will unfold.

Key questions answered

  • What impact will cloud gaming have, and how should players in TMT sector respond?
  • As cloud services from internet giants become established, what does the future hold for game consoles?
  • Will video game subscription services develop in a similar manner to video and music?
  • What opportunities does mobile esports offer to telcos?
  • What type of AR and VR experiences will emerge over the next five years?

Table of contents


  • Introduction
  • Download 1: The Road to 2023: Video Gaming