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Messaging and social apps have significantly changed how people communicate over the past five years. This report analyzes the key market opportunities and challenges in business-to-consumer communications to 2023.


  • Messaging apps will not completely substitute SMS as a business-to-consumer interaction channel in most markets, but more consumers will use messaging apps to engage with their service providers across multiple industry verticals.
  • Video and picture messaging traffic will grow to 2023, but plain old text-based messaging will remain a consumer favorite, representing the majority of traffic across telco messaging (MMS and RCS), along with messaging apps.
  • The penetration of RCS will start to catch up with some messaging apps in some markets, but will continue to lag well behind elsewhere.

Features and Benefits

  • Enables an assessment of what actions should be taken to realize revenue opportunities in business-to-consumer messaging over the next five years.
  • Evaluates the extent to which consumers are using messaging and social apps to interact with businesses in key markets.

Key questions answered

  • What should telcos, service providers, and technology vendors do to realize new revenues from the business messaging market?
  • What role will communications-platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) play in the value chain over the next five years?
  • How will RCS evolve as a business messaging channel?

Table of contents


  • Introduction
  • Download 1: The Road to 2023: Communications Apps and Services