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As in every sector of US life, the telecoms industry is trying to work out what the shock election of maverick candidate Donald Trump to the presidency will mean for its operators and suppliers.

There are few clues, of course – telecoms, even broadband, were not major campaign issues; Trump obviously has no track record of voting on these matters. But some of his stated intentions, if he follows through in policy, would deeply affect this industry, including trade barriers with China or Mexico. And like any new president, he will have a direct impact when a new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is appointed.



Aneil Rakity, managing director at consultancy Ovum, wrote in a column: “In the short term, there will be a general slowdown of major decisions in capital and investment by US and international firms as they wait to get a better understanding of the new administration’s trade, tax, immigration, and foreign policy … The uncertainty will last for at least the next six months, and it won’t be until mid-2017 that Trump starts to share more about these topics and proposed changes to policy.”

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