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The term "emerging market" has been brought to the fore in recent years by the proliferation of music streaming and the steady spread around the world by the international services such as Apple Music, Deezer, and Spotify.


  • In contrast to previous rollouts in less developed markets, the MENA countries forming part of Deezer's and Spotify's latest service expansion plans are united not by the status of their recorded-music sector but more by the fact that they all have the necessary infrastructure in place to develop into viable markets.

Features and Benefits

  • Details how digital music services identify when a market is ready to enter.
  • Gives examples of countries that are not generating much in the way of revenue for record companies but are likely to in the future.

Key questions answered

  • Why would a digital music service roll out in countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia, given their high piracy levels?
  • What digital infrastructure is most important for the entry of a digital music service in a particular country?

Table of contents

Ovum view

  • Summary
  • Service launches encourage MENA markets to emerge
  • The necessary pieces to complete the subscriber jigsaw
  • So why bother entering these markets at all?


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