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At the Teradata Analytics Universe conference in October 2018, the company showcased new branding and positioning, emphasizing answers as opposed to just analytics. Central to this effort is the general availability of the Teradata Vantage platform.


  • Teradata revealed new branding and positioning at its Teradata Analytics Universe event in October 2018, underscored by the general availability of its Teradata Vantage analytics platform.
  • While Teradata is still focused on the most complex, largest analytic use cases in the market, its messaging has been adapted to address the expectations and needs of the business and its stakeholders rather than simply IT.
  • Teradata Vantage is a reintroduction of the Teradata Analytics Platform. While little has changed architecturally, roadmap plans strive to consolidate more users and data onto the platform, delivering on the “analyze anything” promise.

Features and Benefits

  • Evaluates Teradata's strategic choices in rebranding and positioning, comparing these choices to existing enterprise perceptions of the Teradata brand.
  • Identifies the cumulative business and technology changes that Teradata implemented in the year leading up to the official rebranding.
  • Identifies the enterprise stakeholder audience that Teradata is attempting to reach with its new positioning, and evaluates their objectives and pain points.
  • Assesses the capabilities and architecture of the Teradata Vantage platform, and identifies features and integrations that are on the product roadmap.
  • Compares the capabilities of the Teradata IntelliFlex hardware with modern commodity hardware, and identifies enterprise use cases for each.

Key questions answered

  • How does the Teradata rebranding and updated positioning address outdated enterprise perceptions of the company's technology?
  • What cumulative changes were made to Teradata's technology offerings and business strategy leading up to the public rebranding in October 2018?
  • Who are the key enterprise stakeholders that Teradata is trying to address with new positioning, and what are their needs?
  • How is the Teradata Vantage platform different from the former Teradata Analytics Platform offering, and what developments are on the roadmap?
  • How might the evolution of commodity hardware affect enterprise choices to deploy Teradata, and in what use cases does Teradata's IntelliFlex hardware perform best?

Table of contents

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  • Summary
  • Change of branding and messaging didn't happen overnight
  • Pivoting to addressing the business and its stakeholders
  • Teradata's newly rebranded platform Vantage hits the streets
  • The commodity question, and more perceptions to address


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