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A short search of the internet reveals many posts about jobs that don’t exist now but will do soon. What IT jobs might fit that category? As we come to the end of the year, we offer a speculative view of new jobs that should perhaps exist in IT.


1.  Digital undertaker: Responsible for the timely and tidy death of technologies that no longer add value or even work. Legacy systems would form a large portion of the work.

2. Simplicity expert: Understands complex systems, processes, models, and languages and simplifies them. Removes duplication. Develops new lexicons to promote understanding.

3. Knowledge architect: Develops a knowledge model, a knowledge strategy, and a knowledge architecture. Knowledge differs from data and information in that it includes raw data, context, flows, and importantly, implies action.

4. Journey planner: Plans and enables customer journeys through the organization. May also include staff journeys.

5. Ethicist: Is concerned with the wisdom and advisability of organizational developments.

6. Edge specialist: Is concerned with the edges between systems and people, the organization and its customers and suppliers, and inter-system edges. Simplifies and removes redundancy and friction. Identifies loose ends.

7. Root cause judge: Investigates root causes, decides who is responsible and what needs to be done so the problem cannot occur again. Monitors actions and progress.

8. Ecosystem envisioner: Understands complex systems and flows. Identifies ecosystem gaps and opportunities, models, and communicates ecosystems.

9. Human-technology integration specialist: Researches, designs, and models best-practice interfaces between humans and multiple technologies. Collaborates with the work-life mentor.

10. Work-life mentor: Helps staff balance work and life. Intervenes where work pressures are severe.

11. Micro-education counsellor: As education changes and becomes cheaper if not free, organizations will list specific skills and find people who match these skills exactly. 


We wish you a peaceful holiday season, and a happy new year from all at Ovum.