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Using Ovum's Operator Video Strategy Framework, this report maps the evolution of Telefonica's pay-TV and video entertainment business.


  • Telefonica's pay-TV operations have evolved from being initially an enhancement to its core telco businesses, to becoming a central component of its overall consumer proposition. Its growth has been primarily organic, with intermittent injections of M&A activity occurring as and when the company felt the need to boost its TV presence in a given territory.
  • Continued substantial investment in premium and exclusive programming – including several key sports events – is crucial to Telefonica maintaining its domestic pay-TV market leadership and has positioned the company favorably against its competitors, both in Spain and Peru.

Features and Benefits

  • Maps Telefonica's pay-TV and video entertainment business against Ovum's Operator Video Strategy Framework.
  • Traces the evolution of Telefonica's various pay-TV and OTT video operations in terms of organic growth versus M&A.
  • Examines Telefonica's content investment and distribution technology platform strategies

Key questions answered

  • What are the core strategic foundations on which Telefonica has built its video entertainment services?
  • What options has Telefonica chosen to pursue within each of these core strategic foundations?

Table of contents


  • Introduction
  • Download 1: Telefonica: Video Strategy