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The experience of Sweden shows what potential there is in the music subscription sector and provides evidence of what most developed markets can realistically look forward to.


  • Emerging markets are the focus of longer-term growth for music streamers and music companies.

Features and Benefits

  • Assesses the total addressable market size and potential for developed recorded-music markets.
  • Looks in some detail at Sweden and assesses whether the country could be used as a blueprint for other developed markets' future sales growth.

Key questions answered

  • How many subscribers to music on-demand services are there in Germany and Sweden?
  • What is the potential for Germany, based on the Swedish music sales trends?

Table of contents

Ovum view

  • Summary
  • Determining developed markets' future growth potential
  • Reversing Germany's shrinking number of music buyers
  • Sweden provides a glimpse of the future


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