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The findings from a joint survey by Bloomberg Next and Workday in June 2018, examining academic and business leaders’ perceptions of the skills gap, should cause universities and tech companies to consider how they can better facilitate student success.


  • The breakdown between soft and hard skills is also indicative of a difference between corporate and academic attitudes: 69% of business professionals consider recent graduates to possess an adequate hard skill set compared to 88% of academics.

Features and Benefits

  • Evaluates current attitudes of business and academic professionals in regard to recent graduates' skill sets
  • Identifies ways in which institutions should utilize ed tech solutions to close the skills gap

Key questions answered

  • How do university and business professionals perceive the skills gap of recent graduates?
  • How can universities close the skills gap with technology solutions?

Table of contents

Ovum view

  • Summary
  • The skills gap persists – but perceptions differ between academics and business professionals
  • Reskilling and continuing education grow in importance
  • The right educational technology solution can help close the skills gap


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