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Splice Machine, the database that brought transaction processing (and later analytics) to Hadoop clusters, has added a new native Spark path that will connect with data scientists conducting advanced modeling and AI jobs.


  • Spark native support targets the data scientist

Features and Benefits

  • Analyzes how Splice Machine's Spark support differentiates from other analytic databases
  • Analyzes how Splice Machine's new capability to expose containers to the customer will increase their ability to run diverse workloads

Key questions answered

  • How does Splice Machine's Spark support differ from other analytic databases?
  • How does the new capability to expose Splice Machine as a container make the database more versatile as a cloud service?
  • What must Splice Machine do to become a credible multicloud analytic database alternative to Amazon Redshift?

Table of contents

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  • Summary
  • Spark native support targets the data scientist
  • Container support extends Splice Machine’s managed cloud service
  • The key to Splice Machine’s appeal will be multicloud support


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