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This update provides a detailed analysis of all of Spain's main music industry sectors.


  • Spain is one of Europe's mid-tier music markets. The country's recorded-music sector has been one of the regions worst hit by digital piracy since the turn of the century.
  • Although piracy levels are still high, spending on recorded music has recovered somewhat, but the transition from ownership to access has not all been smooth sailing, and this year has seen the gains from higher spending on music subscriptions offset by the continued fall in download and CD album sales.

Features and Benefits

  • Covers the key aspects of the Spanish music industry.
  • Analyzes recorded-music sales, music company market shares, royalty collections, and the live sector.

Key questions answered

  • What is the biggest revenue generator for Spanish authors and publishers?
  • What share of recorded-music sales are generated by access services?

Table of contents

Recorded music

  • The stuttering Spanish recorded-music recovery
  • Music companies

Music retail

  • Evolving digital retail sector

Copyright protection and rights administration

  • The ever-present piracy problem
  • Royalty collections


  • Live sales continue to rise


  • Methodology
  • Author