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"Snackable" is an emerging way to sell digital services to small businesses. Pitched around business outcomes, snackable services are packaged for B2B buyers who are not digital experts, but still need to harness technology.


  • Understand why the snackable services opportunity is attracting a vibrant competitive landscape including communication service providers, web hosters, and integrators, but also B2B retailers, coworking providers, and gig economy platforms.

Features and Benefits

  • Details who is selling snackable services and what's on offer.
  • Learn how to assess and reposition your SME service portfolio to be more snackable.

Key questions answered

  • What issues trigger SMEs to buy snackable services?
  • What makes a snackable service and what doesn't?

Table of contents


  • Introduction
  • Download 1: SME Market Innovation: Snackable Services