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This report complements Ovum's Smart Home Service Provider Tracker: 2018 by discussing smart home proactivity levels and business models of service providers (SPs) in telecommunications, energy, insurance, and security.


  • Over the past year, smart home activity has increased significantly. Numerous SPs from different backgrounds are now competing for a share of the market.
  • Despite having a unique entry point into the home, many broadband SPs are still struggling to find the optimum strategy for the smart home.
  • Many utilities have realized the need to diversify their retail offering and offer use cases beyond smart energy.

Features and Benefits

  • Analyzes why many telcos have decided to refine their strategy for the smart home.
  • Examines why smart home progress remains limited in the insurance sector.

Key questions answered

  • Why should broadband SPs revitalize their current market strategies for the smart home?
  • How should insurance SPs take advantage of the current momentum around smart security?
  • How can energy providers enhance the links between energy supply and the use of smart energy at home?