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Created by Somfy, Overkiz is an independent IoT connectivity company supplying software solutions to a range of companies from smart home manufacturers to building developers and smart home specialists.


  • The company claims that it offers a level of differentiation over OTT platforms offered to consumers by companies such as Amazon and Apple, and could enable service providers to quickly enter the smart home business with a ready-made vendor and application ecosystem in a more cost-effective way than developing their own platform and services.

Features and Benefits

  • Explains how Overkiz's smart home platform enables all types of players to develop a smart home strategy.
  • Evaluates how Overkiz's solution differentiates against OTT players.

Key questions answered

  • How does Overkiz help create an integrated smart home solution?
  • How will this technology help differentiate services against large global OTT players?

Table of contents


  • In brief
  • Ovum view


  • Recommendations for service providers

Using Overkiz's platform to solve the issue of smart home fragmentation

  • Setting the business context
  • Bringing the strategy to life
  • Outcome assessment


  • Methodology
  • Further reading
  • Author