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The wireline broadband access component and equipment market will continue to be strong in 2016 with the adoption of higher bandwidths along with network functions virtualization (NFV).


  • Higher-bandwidth wireline access technologies will continue to be developed and deployed by CSPs in 2016. NFV will enter both ends of the access network, although vCPE will be adopted faster than virtualization at central offices.
  • QoE matters to subscribers, and CSPs are seeking solutions that support quality experiences across access networks and throughout the home regardless of underlying mediums and bandwidth capacities.
  • Operators must transform from infrastructure-driven networks to become agile, services-driven networks; third-party solutions and partnerships can help achieve this transformation.

Features and Benefits

  • Evaluates key trends for the wireline broadband access market in 2016.
  • Analyzes the role of existing vendors and start-ups in the wireline broadband access market.

Key questions answered

  • Will the wireline broadband access market remain strong in 2016?
  • When will NFV enter the access market? Will it begin with CPEs or at the central office?
  • What is QoE? How can CSPs support QoE?
  • What is the role of third-party ICT vendors in the wireline broadband access market?

Table of contents


  • In brief
  • Ovum view
  • Key messages
  • Recommendations

Bandwidth technologies will remain hot

  • Copper-based VDSL and vectoring will remain strong in EMEA
  • Copper-based will be deployed in 2016
  • Fiber-based PON remains strong and next-gen PON ramps
  • DOCSIS 3.1 equipment will ship in 2016 along with 10G EPON for cable operators

NFV will come to the access network

  • NFV and access
  • vCPE will gain momentum in 2016; vCO (virtual central office) will lag
  • Start-ups are emerging in the virtual access network

Transitioning towards QoE

  • Speed alone does not guarantee QoE

Moving towards personalized services requires third-party assistance

  • Third-party vendors supporting transformation


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