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Salesforce's analytics story continues to develop at a good clip, most recently with the launch of Einstein Analytics Plus, a suite of capabilities that power data discovery, bring more predictive analytics, enhance the user experience, and speed time to result.


  • The long-established challenge of measuring return on investment for analytics remains, and while Salesforce Einstein Analytics (including Plus) may be a natural complement to customer engagement activities, enterprises must continue to work hard to measure and demonstrate the benefits of investing.

Features and Benefits

  • Explores the new Salesforce Einstein Analytics Plus, its features, and its target user audience.
  • Assesses the evolution of Salesforce's analytics solution and the principles that guide its development and use.

Key questions answered

  • What are the key new features of Salesforce Einstein Analytics Plus?
  • Which areas of functionality are likely to benefit users of analytics?

Table of contents

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  • Summary
  • Analytics at Salesforce continues a principled evolution
  • Einstein Analytics Plus should put more advanced capabilities in the hands of a bigger audience
  • Salesforce Einstein Analytics is a natural complement to sales, marketing, and service efforts


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