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This report provides a detailed analysis of Oracle's CX Cloud portfolio of applications, which together deliver a class-leading customer engagement platform suitable across 13 industries.


  • A connected and symbiotic customer experience is a platform play.
  • From cloud to dynamic orchestration, Oracle is a leader in every category.
  • Growth is a function of persistent customer relevance and enduring symbiotic relationships. A customer engagement platform (CEP) is essential to support such an environment.

Features and Benefits

  • Evaluates Oracle CX Cloud, covering marketing, commerce, sales, service, and subscription solutions, to help enterprises and decision-makers gain a deeper understanding of the Oracle customer engagement portfolio.
  • Reviews the underlying business context and core principles that create an environment that helps businesses develop and retain profitable customer relationships.
  • Provides a useful lens through which one can evaluate any customer engagement and experience technology portfolio.

Key questions answered

  • How does Oracle CX Cloud support a mutually rewarding relationship between the enterprise and its customers?
  • What is included in Oracle's CX Cloud portfolio?

Table of contents


  • Catalyst
  • Ovum view
  • Key messages


  • Recommendations for enterprises
  • Recommendations for Oracle

Growth is a function of persistent customer relevance and enduring symbiotic relationships

  • The levers of growth are timeless; it is the execution that must change

Four critical attributes must be supported to deliver a positive customer experience

  • Relationship quality and persistent relevance are built on four core attributes

A connected and symbiotic customer experience is now a platform play

  • Changes in investment behavior indicate that more firms are taking a holistic approach to customer engagement
  • The anatomy of a CEP consists of six enabling technology layers, culminating in a seventh orchestration layer

From cloud to dynamic orchestration – Oracle is a leader in every category

  • Oracle CX Cloud forms a comprehensive, integrated CEP
  • The cloud layer – Oracle CX Cloud is built on second-generation cloud infrastructure
  • The data layer – Oracle's data management expertise supports any scale of interactions
  • The security layer – Oracle security spans the entire platform stack and is supported by inherent compliance capabilities
  • The AI and RPA layer – Oracle provides a host of AI and RPA tools to provide functional and customer journey support
  • The industry layer – industry versions provide a closer fit and faster deployment
  • The functional layer – functional support for the front line
  • The orchestration layer – Oracle connects data, AI, and automation to support dynamic orchestration of the customer experience


  • Methodology
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