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At Blue Prism's annual customer event earlier this year, the RPA pioneer demonstrated long-standing partnerships developed with key customers and IT services providers as they move to large-scale RPA installations.


  • RPA is ripe for augmentation with aspects of AI, hence the emergence of intelligent automation.
  • RPA has delivered steady and persistent growth in recent years.

Features and Benefits

  • Discusses how Blue Prism is facilitating adoption by supporting a marketplace of reusable components
  • Assesses the soft factors that customers call out as critical to successful deployment

Key questions answered

  • What is intelligent automation?
  • What is Blue Prism's "Digital Exchange"?

Table of contents


  • Catalyst
  • Ovum view
  • Key messages


  • Recommendations for vendors
  • Recommendations for IT servicesproviders

AI/ML revolution will be bigger than the industrial revolution

  • Jobs, work, and workplaces are evolving
  • RPA is an approach to automation that can pay back fast
  • Hypergrowth is prevalent across the RPA industry
  • Blue Prism's ecosystem is growing rapidly
  • Additional opportunities for RPA must be explored

"Intelligent automation" is the new automation conversation

  • The main RPA vendors have all shifted their story beyond RPA
  • Blue Prism's intelligent automation approach aims to couple RPA with cognitive technologies
  • Blue Prism launched its Digital Exchange marketplace

Customers with successful deployments call out soft factors as challenges

  • Successful RPA is 25% technology, 75% management
  • Bank of Ireland progressed its RPA into a substantial and robust implementation
  • Heineken hit humps and bumps along the way
  • Nordea took its RPA to an industrialized level

Ovum research shows clear intention among decision-makers to invest in RPA

  • Automation can now take effect on more processes than ever


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