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Amid Brexit confusion, governments are warning of the impact on UK copyright if there is no deal.


  • With just over three months to go before the UK is set to formally leave the European Union, the details and manner of the exit after more than 45 years of membership is still unknown.

Features and Benefits

  • Looks at the latest Brexit confusion and what leaving the EU with no deal might mean to UK copyright.
  • Examines the guidelines on a no-deal Brexit put forward by the EC and the UK government.

Key questions answered

  • What happens to UK copyright law if the country leaves the EU with no agreement?
  • Will existing obligations on UK CMOs, including those specific to multi-territorial licensing of musical works for online services, still apply after Brexit?

Table of contents

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  • Summary
  • Brexit uncertainty persists despite the leave date rapidly approaching
  • Impact of leaving the EU with no deal
  • UK changes to copyright law in the event of no deal


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