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The midyear showing for recorded-music sales in the US suggests sales will rise to $10bn for the full year.


  • US trade group the RIAA has reported another positive half-year performance for retail sales of recorded music.
  • Subscriptions and streaming were again the star performers, with growth in access service spending and advertising easily offsetting declines in the fading single-track and album download formats.

Features and Benefits

  • Details the midyear performance of US recorded-music sales.
  • Examines sales by source and stream, with a full breakdown of the results.

Key questions answered

  • What share of total recorded-music sales in the US is generated by full-price paid subscriptions?
  • How does the growth rate in 1H19 compare with previous years?

Table of contents

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  • Summary
  • US recorded-music sales comeback continues
  • Paid subscriptions cross the final access tipping point
  • Fall in downloads, but reduction in returns boost physical sales


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