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Splice Machine has received a significant endorsement from IT services firm Accenture, as it becomes one of the pillars of the Accenture Insights Platform.


  • Splice Machine's native Spark support differentiates it in a landscape where cloud-native and general-purpose databases are building their scale-out stories and provides a good launchpad for developing more vertical industry applications embedding ML.

Features and Benefits

  • Explains why Accenture has chosen to incorporate Sparks analytics into its Accenture Insights Platform.
  • Discusses the types of real-time, operational use cases for which the Splice Machine/Spark platform is suited.

Key questions answered

  • Why did Accenture add the Splice Machine platform to its analytics offering?
  • What are the use cases for which the Accenture/Splice Machine real-time insights solution is suited?

Table of contents

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  • Summary
  • Combining ACID with Spark analytics in a multipurpose database
  • Getting Accenture's buy-in


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