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In February 2019, Qlik announced that it had entered into a definitive agreement to acquire data management and integration vendor Attunity. Expected to close in 2Q19, this announcement follows hot on the heels of another Qlik acquisition this year, that of Crunch Data (see "Further reading"), adding further weight to Qlik's already established data-to-insight-platform story.

Attunity helps fuel analytics with data from disparate enterprise sources

Attunity is a "big fish" acquisition for Qlik. The agreement values Attunity at approximately $560m, and highlights the strength of play being made by Qlik in serving current customers and prospects with a more complete data management offer. That offer extends existing investments in big data accessibility (via Qlik's Associative Big Data Index), addresses some of the new challenges being felt by enterprises in managing the transition to the cloud, and will help to support the increasingly common hybrid scenarios. It also aligns neatly with Qlik's 2018 acquisition of data management vendor Podium Data (relaunched as Qlik Data Catalyst), whose product has recently been retooled, freeing it to work with and process on a broader range of platforms.

Attunity is perhaps best known for its Replicate product. Data replication is a key capability for those enterprises with large, complex data landscapes which require the ability to access data faster and more efficiently, without expending vast resources on manual work to access and interrogate it.

Match this with its change data capture (CDC) technology that minimizes the impact on production systems, and the ability to load into a cloud data lake, for example, where it is more easily leveraged for analytics, and the merger's benefits become compelling. In its last assessment of Attunity, Ovum noted in particular that Replicate had a key advantage in possessing an agentless architecture, reducing admin overhead and helping scale large, complex deployments. Ovum also noted that Attunity, while offering broad support across many data platforms from RDBMS and data warehouses, through Hadoop, cloud, and streaming, has particular expertise in SAP data.

In Ovum's view, Qlik's acquisition of Attunity is a logical complement to its data and analytics platform. It adds additional enterprise-grade data management capabilities to Qlik's portfolio alongside investment in Podium Data/Qlik Data Catalyst, while helping to deliver the fuel of data to its analytics product: Qlik Sense. It has the additional attraction of positioning Qlik ideally for helping enterprises ride the transition to the cloud, and all hybrid points in between. Finally, it brings highly prized SAP data more firmly into the fold, opening up a new range of data management and analytics solutions for Qlik and its customers. Ovum will be keeping a keen eye on developments as this agreement progresses.


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Tom M. Pringle, Head of Technology Research, Ovum

[email protected]