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TV Leaders and Telco TV Benchmark ranks the world's major providers of pay-TV services against 14 distinct success criteria, which may be viewed together or in isolation.


  • The benchmark has been expanded to cover 129 pay-TV operators across 49 countries and includes tier-1 and tier-2 players from most markets.
  • The number of benchmarks has been increased to 14, with ranking categories including total connections (including OTT and pay-TV), OTT as a proportion of the total video base, and content spend as a proportion of TV revenue.
  • Some users want to examine the whole market, while others may wish to drill down on operations that are owned or controlled by telecoms operators (of which 74 are covered). The tool features an option to toggle between viewing benchmarks and KPIs of either all players listed, or only telcos.

Features and Benefits

  • Ranks the world's leading pay-TV and telco-TV players against 14 different performance/success criteria.
  • Provides a snapshot of each operators' performance over the last two years via a range of KPIs including customer connections, pay-TV, OTT video, fixed broadband, fixed telephony and mobile services, pay-TV market share, monthly TV ARPU/revenue, and TV contribution to total revenues.
  • Presents a snapshot of selected players' content opex in relation to (reported or estimated) TV service revenue

Key questions answered

  • Which pay-TV operators are leaders or laggards in terms of subscriber market share and ARPU/revenue generation?
  • How significant is pay TV to a given player's overall business in terms of customer growth/retention and revenue generation?
  • To what extent are operators expanding their video customer bases through the provision of OTT services?

Table of contents


  • Introduction
  • Download 1: Pay-TV Leaders and Telco TV Benchmark: 1H17