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This report plots the progress of network-based operators making the transition from traditional pay TV to OTT video. It identifies the key players in network operator-delivered OTT subscription video.


  • Telecoms companies account for a substantial and growing share of the traditional pay-TV market, with several occupying leadership positions in their respective countries. Around half of the world's largest domestic pay-TV operations (in terms of subscriber base) are currently owned or controlled by telcos.
  • As more players encroach on the communications market in a bid to control a larger segment of the content distribution value chain, telcos are in a strong position both to maintain their foothold in pay TV and to diversify and grow their video and broadband customer bases organically on the back of nontraditional services.
  • Besides their broadband businesses benefiting from the provision of access to third-party OTT video, telcos (as well as some traditional, non-telco pay-TV operators) are increasingly turning to own-brand OTT services to diversify their offerings and grow their customer bases. Players across the board, however, will struggle to maintain video customer loyalty and spending levels, with telcos being particularly vulnerable to ARPU erosion.

Features and Benefits

  • Assesses the telco video opportunity in the wider pay-TV market and the potential value of TV to key telco revenue streams.
  • Examines the important role that mutliplay bundling continues to play for telcos.
  • Provides predictions on the prospects for telco TV and video ARPU growth.
  • Analyzes pay-TV leadership success factors.

Key questions answered

  • How big is the telco TV market for subscribers and revenues? How fast will it grow?
  • How big a role will telcos play in both the wider pay-TV market?
  • What are the main regional characteristics of telco TV market size and future growth?

Table of contents


  • Introduction
  • Download 1: Pay-TV Leaders and Telco TV Forecast Report: 2017–22