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Ovum's Pay-TV Leaders and Telco TV Forecasts provide subscriber growth and market share projections for a given country's largest service providers, as well as country-level and regional-level projections for telcos' aggregated TV connections, revenues, ARPU, and pay-TV subscriber market share.


  • Over 2019–24, telco TV service adoption will increase at a CAGR of 4% globally (compared with 2% for the overall pay-TV market), reaching a total of 505 million pay-TV subscription connections.
  • At the end of the forecast period, telcos' share of the pay-TV market is set to be highest in Latin America and the Caribbean (65%) and Western Europe (57%), compared with 39% globally.
  • Globally, OTT is set to account for 16% of telco video connections at end-2024, while telcos will account for 70% of the world's operator-delivered, standalone paid online video connections and 42% of total paid video subscriptions.

Features and Benefits

  • Presents aggregated pay-TV and OTT connection subscription and market share projections for a country's leading pay-TV and telco TV service providers.
  • Shows the positioning of international players in terms of subscription volumes and growth by individual country market.
  • Drop-down menus enable toggling between viewing telco-only data or data for all players, as well as providing multiple options for viewing different metrics, including: share of (country) total pay-TV connections; share of total network operator video connections; share of total network operator OTT video connections; and pay-TV connections by technology.
  • Telco TV forecasts offer country-level and regional views of all metrics.

Key questions answered

  • Which are the biggest pay-TV and network-based OTT video service providers in a given country market, and how does Ovum expect them to perform in terms of subscription and market share growth?
  • How do telcos compare to non-telco pay-TV operators in terms of subscription and market share growth?
  • How are network-based operators managing the transition from traditional pay TV to OTT video?
  • Which are the key international distributors of pay-TV and OTT video services, and how does subscriber growth look for each of their service brands across the various individual territories in which they operate?
  • How will subscription growth evolve for a given group's individual country operations across each distribution technology platform?

Table of contents


  • Introduction
  • Download 1: Pay-TV Leaders and Telco TV Forecast: 2019–24