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Ovum's Pay-TV Leaders and Telco TV Benchmark ranks the world's major providers of pay-TV services against 15 distinct success criteria, which may be viewed together or in isolation. The key benchmark rankings are based on the size of a given operator's TV and video customer base, its domestic TV subscriber market share, monthly TV ARPU and the contribution of TV services to domestic revenue.


  • Traditional pay-TV subscriber growth is slowing down rapidly, averaging just 1% among benchmarked players in the year to June 2019, compared to 5% for the previous 12-month period. As the more widely entrenched cable and satellite platforms – which still account for two-thirds of pay-TV subscribers served by the operators benchmarked – continue their steady decline, we are also seeing a significant slowdown in IPTV growth among the benchmarked operators. This trend reflects the accelerated impact of OTT competition, along with the associated phenomena of cord cutting and the diminishing resonance of traditional subscription TV among consumers.
  • Operators' video ARPU levels – and hence revenue prospects – are under pressure from OTT competition and multi-subscription growth. Most operators now struggle to grow video ARPU and some tier-1 players have undergone significant declines as more of their customers opt for lower-value channel packages that they can supplement with OTT alternatives.
  • Own-brand OTT services remain the biggest subscriber growth area for operators, but also present a significant cannibalization risk. While the growth of some operators' standalone OTT and mobile-first offerings outstrips that of their traditional pay-TV services – they also undermine ARPU. Several of those with a significant proportion of OTT connections in their video bases – such as Foxtel, Singtel, Sky Europe, and Turk Telekom – also suffered declines in their overall monthly video ARPU levels.

Features and Benefits

  • Ranks the world's leading pay-TV and telco TV players against 15 different success criteria.
  • Provides a comparison of leading operators' performance via a range of KPIs, including customer connections, pay-TV, OTT video penetration, TV ARPU/revenue, and TV contribution to total revenue.
  • Explores the growth in uptake of network operators' standalone OTT video services.
  • Presents a snapshot of selected operators' content spending in relation to TV revenue.
  • Compares headline KPIs from 1H19 against those from 1H18, as well as providing year-on-year growth indicators.

Key questions answered

  • Which network operators and markets are demonstrating capacity for pay-TV subscriber and ARPU/revenue growth?
  • How significant is pay TV to a given player's overall business in terms of customer growth and retention and revenue generation?
  • What is behind operators' expansion of their video offerings through the provision of OTT services?
  • How significant is the role of telco-delivered IPTV within the wider pay-TV landscape?

Table of contents


  • Introduction
  • Download 1: Pay-TV Leaders and Telco TV Benchmark: 1H19 Highlights