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This Ovum Market Radar report compares seven media asset management (MAM) solution vendors to understand how they approach and address the current and future opportunities and issues of media and broadcast customers.


  • While some vendors have developed out-of-the-box workflow automation capabilities, many still leverage professional services workflow design (via internal teams or third-party partners) leading to high, often unpredictable operating expenditure for customers.

Features and Benefits

  • Discusses key trends and future market developments for media and asset management (MAM) solutions.
  • Defines and explores automation in the MAM landscape.
  • Provides detailed analysis of seven media asset management vendors that work with a large variety of media and broadcast customers.
  • Identifies the minimum viable set of features a customer should look for in a MAM solution.

Key questions answered

  • What are the varying levels of automation each MAM solution provides?
  • Which MAM vendors provide customized integrations and automated workflows specific to particular media segments (e.g., broadcast)?
  • What business value and applications do media asset management solutions provide?

Table of contents


  • Catalyst
  • Ovum view
  • Key messages


  • Recommendations for enterprises
  • Recommendations for vendors

Defining and exploring automation in MAM

  • Definition and characteristics
  • Key capabilities
  • Business value and applications

Market landscape and participants

  • Market origin and dynamics
  • Key trends in the MAM automation market
  • Future market development

Vendors on the Ovum Market Radar in media asset management (automation)

  • On the radar: Avid
  • On the radar: Dalet
  • On the radar: EditShare
  • On the radar: Empress Media Asset Management
  • On the radar: Masstech
  • On the radar: MediaPower
  • On the radar: Vizrt


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