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The OTT Communications Tracker captures the KPIs of the top social messaging and VoIP players, along with news about service updates, geographical expansion, and other milestones. It also includes two-year projections for selected metrics.


  • WhatsApp is poised to pass 2 billion monthly active users by end-2020, and Facebook’s other properties, Facebook Messenger and Instagram, won’t be far behind with 1.6 billion MAUs and 1.3 billion MAUs, respectively.

Features and Benefits

  • Compare the registered users, monthly active users, and messaging traffic for key players, including WhatsApp and WeChat.
  • Evaluate the growth of key players, including Facebook Messenger, iMessage, and Instagram.
  • Compare the penetration of key players in terms of MAUs by a selected group of countries.
  • Compare the service capabilities of key OTT communications players.

Key questions answered

  • Which OTT communications player will experience the most growth in monthly active users to 2020?
  • How much messaging traffic will WhatsApp users generate per month by 2020?
  • What key new service features are being added to OTT communications apps' platforms?
  • How many monthly active users does WhatsApp have in markets such as India, China, the US, and South Africa?

Table of contents


  • Introduction
  • Download 1: OTT Communications Tracker: 4Q17