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Oracle chose the recent KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2018 event in Seattle, organized by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), to announce the Oracle Cloud Native Framework (OCNF). OCNF is designed primarily for bringing Oracle customers into the cloud-native computing (CNC) age by offering users a hybrid cloud model, allowing OCNF to run both on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and on premises. In addition, Oracle Functions, which is based on the function-as-a-service (FaaS) open source project Fn that Oracle leads, has been launched. Built on OCI, Oracle Functions adds an enterprise-ready FaaS offering to the Oracle CNC portfolio. FaaS is increasingly used as a way of modernizing portions of monolithic applications that are too heavy to be re-architected in microservices, as well as providing a rapid way of building new event-driven cloud applications.

Oracle bases its CNC strategy around CNCF projects

The future of application development is being formed at CNCF, and Oracle has recognized this trend by building its OCNF around CNCF projects. This is a good move, because Kubernetes and its ecosystem are moving ahead at a rapid and maturing pace, defining the CNC stack that will underpin mainstream application development in the near future. While monolithic applications still reign across the legacy majority and in niche greenfield applications, most new development across all industries, in the cloud, on premises, and on the edge, will take place in CNC. Oracle has recognized this trend by embracing CNC with its new strategy.

The challenge for many enterprises is how to navigate the many open source projects that exist in CNC, not just those under the wing of CNCF. Oracle is giving its customer base a path that enables them to work in CNC without having to seek solutions outside Oracle. This gives them the benefit of building modern CNC applications that work with the Oracle portfolio. The new framework spans infrastructure provisioning with DevOps style continuous delivery of CNC applications all out-of-the-box. For enterprises that are Oracle customers and new to CNC, this offers an enterprise-ready solution with all the security and governance required by regulated industries.

Oracle’s CNC vision is taking firmer shape

Oracle’s CNC vision is taking firmer shape with its CNC-related acquisitions forming the basis of the team behind the recent announcements: the bringing to Oracle of the Fn open source project team, acquiring Apiary, the API design and governance solution, and the earlier acquisition of StackEngine. This has enabled Oracle to move ahead on executing its CNC vision, inclusive of Kubernetes and DevOps tooling. For example, the HashiCorp Terraform infrastructure-as-code open source solution is a part of the new Oracle stack (HashiCorp is an Oracle partner).



Michael Azoff, Distinguished Analyst, IT Infrastructure

[email protected]