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Oracle has taken the next step in the lights-out cloud database with the general release of Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) Database 18c.


  • It is clearly early days for autonomous databases, but Ovum believes that applying ML to databases will eventually become the norm.

Features and Benefits

  • Discusses how autonomous databases pick up where automated databases leave off and use ML to make optimization decisions.
  • Analyzes how OLTP presents different challenges for autonomous databases compared to analytics.

Key questions answered

  • How could autonomous databases incorporating ML save money for enterprises?
  • How and why is Oracle offering several options for its autonomous transaction database?

Table of contents

Ovum view

  • Summary
  • The next step in Oracle's autonomous database journey
  • What's in it for the enterprise?
  • Optimizations for OLTP
  • Why Oracle ATP offers indexing "knobs"


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