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Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Autonomous Transactional Database are new-generation database solutions whose autonomy is powered by machine learning algorithms. For Oracle, artificial intelligence (AI) is not an end in itself but is instead a means to enhance its products. The autonomous capability in its new-generation databases reduces maintenance and administration costs and improves performance through automated tuning. Oracle’s recent acquisition (closed in June 2018) of, a data science management platform, sees Oracle offer a lifecycle management service for customers building their own AI solutions. It will integrate with Oracle’s application development tools for complete management and deployment capabilities.

Oracle uses AI technology to enhance its products and services

At his keynote at OOW, Mark Hurd, Oracle CEO, predicted that by 2025 all cloud applications will include AI. He said AI will be pervasive and woven into all business apps and platform services. Furthermore, Hurd said he expects that by 2025, AI will power 85% of all customer interactions. The underlying vision in these predictions is driving Oracle’s own use of AI.

How to exploit the new capabilities that AI can offer is a question many businesses are exploring. Oracle made its decision some years ago to build AI into its latest generation products. In particular, the Oracle Autonomous Database is powered by AI and it also underlies the data warehouse and transactional versions.

To support the growth of AI across its customer base, Oracle acquired As a result, Oracle can now offer a distinct AI-related service for helping enterprises consolidate their silo data science activities in one platform and promote a methodology of multi-disciplined team collaboration around the data science management features. The product offers end-to-end machine learning lifecycle management, with features such as collaboration, model training, deployment, and model management. It currently lacks workflow, but Oracle says it is progressing to be workflow-based. The website name of the acquisition is also a nice-to-have for Oracle, the icing on the cake.



Michael Azoff, Distinguished Analyst, Information Management

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