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IT security services heavyweight Optiv Security plans to expand into Europe.


  • Optiv’s stated objective is to evolve increasingly into a services business. Its preferred description of this is “dedicated security solutions integrator (SSI)”.

Features and Benefits

  • Describes how Optic wants to develop its business.
  • Explains where VARs are relevant and where security SIs come into play.

Key questions answered

  • How and when did Optiv come into existence?
  • In which areas is Optiv strong and what new geographies is it looking at? Why is there opportunity in Europe?

Table of contents

Ovum view

  • Summary
  • Optiv moves to become a dedicated security integrator
  • Services are growing their share of the security market
  • Optiv is looking at expansion in Europe
  • Plans for acquisitions for faster growth in the region
  • Identity is a focus for expansion


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