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US Senator Ron Wyden has thrown something of a curveball at the moves by legislators to speed the passage of a new copyright law that would put an end to the discrepancy between pre- and post-1972 sound recordings in the US.


  • The unanimous passing of the Music Modernization Act through the House of Representatives and its subsequent introduction in the Senate gave rights holders hope that the issue of pre-1972 recordings would soon be at an end, but the introduction of Senator Wyden's new bill is likely to put the brakes on rights-holder celebrations.

Features and Benefits

  • Examines the latest moves in the US to sort out the discrepancy in royalty payments between pre- and post-1972 sound recordings.
  • Assesses the legal moves and their implications.

Key questions answered

  • How would the CLASSICS Act put an end to the problem of pre-1972 recordings in the US?
  • What is the difference between the CLASSICS Act and the ACCESS to Recordings Act?

Table of contents

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  • Summary
  • Modernizing copyright protection for legacy artists
  • New acts look to solve the pre-1972 problem
  • Implications for the competing acts


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