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Open banking is one of the most widely discussed topics in the banking industry today and has the potential to redraw large parts of the retail and corporate banking value chain.


  • The past 18 months has seen a step change in attitudes towards open banking by financial institutions. Ovum’s ICT Enterprise Insights survey for 2018/19 found that 78% of banks were planning to actively encourage third-party developers to consume API-delivered services in the year ahead.
  • Ultimately, banks must come to view APIs not as a side initiative to the wider organization, but as a new form of distribution channel. As a result, third-party developers must also be treated as a new customer base, with the necessary attention to their needs and expectations.

Features and Benefits

  • Gain insight into some of the wider issues surrounding open banking.
  • Understand the pace of take-up in markets such as the UK and US.

Key questions answered

  • What are the opportunities for my institution around open banking?
  • What technical issues must my organization consider?

Table of contents

Ovum view

  • Summary
  • Many banks are looking to embrace the open banking opportunity
  • Open banking is leading to a form of "API economy"
  • Banks must view APIs as a new form of distribution channel


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