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Data centers will have multiple technology options for upgrading their networks. Ovum surveyed data center operators about their plans for new 400G technology and server connectivity as this represents a major transformation in the network.


  • Data centers will rely on 400G as a strategic technology within the data center.
  • Operators have interest in both 400G ZR and 100G ZR for DCI.
  • 400GbE will account for over 45% of datacom optical module spending.

Features and Benefits

  • Assesses data center operators plans for 400GbE in the data center.
  • Learn what type of server connectivity data center operators plan to deploy.
  • Asssesses the deployment plans for 400G ZR
  • Features a forecast for 400G ZR as well as other high speed coherent optical lines.

Key questions answered

  • What is the mix of metro data center interconnect(DCI)
  • What year do data center operators plan to deploy 400G ZR?
  • What type of metro data center interconnect (DCI) does the data center operator use?
  • What is the share of optical networking spending by region for data center operators and what is the implication on networking spending?
  • What are the reasons for deploying 100G ZR?

Table of contents


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  • Key messages


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400G within the data center is important for data center operators

  • Data centers – server infrastructure
  • Data center networking infrastructure

Data center interconnect migrates to 400G and pluggable optics

  • Data center interconnect relies on service providers and dark fiber–based networks
  • Data center operators plan to deploy new interconnections technology soon


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