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Wolfram Language (the symbolic backbone of Mathematica) has now been extended with machine learning, data science, image and audio processing, engineering modeling, and scientific computation to deliver a unifying layer.


  • The Wolfram Technology Stack has extremely broad, highly integrated computational capabilities, all represented and implemented with one symbolic language.

Features and Benefits

  • Assess the high levels of automation for both increased productivity and for increased accessibility to expert and non-expert developers or analysts outside their domain of expertise.
  • Learn about the broad range of interfaces from high-level code, to GUI, to natural language, to automated interactive reports to optimize computational engagement at all levels.

Key questions answered

  • How does Wolfram use machine learning to enhance its solution?
  • How did the Wolfram Technology Stack help AstraZeneca in its bioinformatics activities?

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Recommendations for enterprises

  • Why put the Wolfram Technology Stack on your radar?


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