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TMMData takes a central repository methodology to self-service data integration, data prep, and data management. Combining all of these interrelated functions into its Foundation platform, TMMData caters to self-service line-of-business users.


  • TMMData Foundation is a self-service platform composed of three core tools – Flow, Fix, and File – that address interrelated needs: data integration, data preparation, and data management.
  • The TMMData platform is built first and foremost for the needs of self-service business users, but has extensive code-based technical functionality for developers.
  • The unified data repository approach borrows many of the data quality benefits of the centralized data warehouse model that was common in the ETL era, but modernizes its capabilities with self-service integration and prep tools that allow for faster, more iterative insight.

Features and Benefits

  • Identifies the key current capabilities of the TMMData Foundation platform, and describes how they contribute to the self-service integration, prep, and management of data.
  • Evaluates the historical context of TMMData as a company, and assesses the evolution of its product to its modern status as a multipurpose platform.
  • Compares the TMMData Foundation self-service approach to the historical ELT + data warehouse approach for data integration and data prep.
  • Identifies the core target audience for the TMMData Foundation platform, as well as other potential user groups for the platform's capabilities.
  • Analyzes the benefits and potential drawbacks of the centralized data warehouse/repository model used by the TMMData platform for managing integrated data.

Key questions answered

  • What business needs does the TMMData Foundation platform help meet, and why are these needs best met through self-service functionality?
  • How does the TMMData Foundation platform, architecturally, help self-service business users integrate, prep, and manage data?
  • What tools or product modules make up the TMMData Foundation platform, and what do they each individually do?
  • How did TMMData get into the business of data integration and data preparation; what problems was it originally trying to address?
  • What capabilities beyond data integration, data prep, and data warehousing does the TMMData Foundation platform offer?

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