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Most ADCs were designed for an era before DevOps and cloud native and lack the ability for the application to manage its own requirements. Snapt is a small startup that has built a new type of ADC, one that is designed for the cloud-native era.


  • Users no longer connect to web servers but rather to the Snapt ADC, which then proxies the connection to an available web server.
  • The Snapt ADC is a software-only solution that fits with the strategic shift away from organizations owning hardware.

Features and Benefits

  • Discover how the Snapt solution includes the three core elements of an ADC: a web application firewall (WAF), a load balancer (LB), and a web accelerator.
  • Learn about how Snapt can run on any Linux system, virtual machine, or cloud platform, making it an environment-agnostic solution.

Key questions answered

  • Why put Snapt on your radar?
  • What is the benefit to an organization of using a software ADC that is designed for cloud-native environments?

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  • Why put Snapt on your radar?


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