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Sigma offers cloud data analysis and visualization via a spreadsheet interface, aiming to close the gap between business and data teams and allow business users to interrogate cloud data sources without technical help.


  • Sigma is built for the cloud and opens up access to data within an organization, enabling business experts to build complex SQL queries without technical help.
  • The product's spreadsheet-like interface provides access to the vast majority of SQL functionality, allowing nontechnical users to build queries faster than a human programmer (including across semi-structured data, such as JSON).
  • Sigma enables collaboration and knowledge sharing across an organization: worksheets can be shared, combined, and reused.

Features and Benefits

  • Learn about Sigma's solution to bringing data warehouse analysis capabilities to business users familiar with using Excel.
  • Understand how Sigma can help enterprises analyze their data while transitioning to modern cloud-based architectures.

Key questions answered

  • How does Sigma help business users use a familiar spreadsheet-like interface to generate SQL for interrogating cloud data warehouses?
  • Which use cases could Sigma's solution help enterprises get more out of their data by expanding the user base?

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