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RedLock Cloud 360 addresses the "security in the cloud" components that end-user organizations are responsible for delivering and that are beyond the normal remit of public cloud service providers.


  • RedLock Cloud 360 provides a range of cloud-native, AI- and API-based security and threat intelligence services that deal with the specific public cloud security requirements that are the responsibility of end-user organizations.

Features and Benefits

  • Identifies how RedLock Cloud 360 offers an AI-driven approach to gathering, correlating, and remediating cloud security threats from users, infrastructure, and networks.
  • Understand how users benefit from API-based threat discovery facilities that automate the collection and analysis of threat data across public cloud environments.

Key questions answered

  • How does RedLock Cloud 360 use AI facilities to provide security and threat intelligence services for cloud environments?
  • How does RedLock Cloud 360 further enrich its correlated threat data?

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