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LucidLink's Filespaces provides remote end users read or write access to on-premises/public cloud-based media assets, without the user needing to download the entire large media file (which appears as if it were locally stored).


  • LucidLink allows media enterprises to use S3-compatible storage on their application server in a similar way to how elastic block storage (EBS) is used.
  • Media and entertainment customers make up around 30% of LucidLink's current customer base.

Features and Benefits

  • Assesses the impact LucidLink's solution has on media workflows.
  • Identifies opportunities for partnership and integration with LucidLink.

Key questions answered

  • How can media technology vendors and enterprises leverage LucidLink's Filespaces solution?
  • What are some of the pain points addressed by LucidLink?

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Recommendations for enterprises

  • Why put LucidLink on your radar?


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