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Originally built as a faster and more efficient way to conduct ETL, K2View's Fabric platform today offers data-as-a-service (DaaS) – connecting to virtually any data source, organizing it around logical business entities, and exposing it in real time to devices, applications, and services.


  • Near real-time data access and aggregation is enabled by K2View Fabric, delivering data to empower operations and eliminating the need for legacy ETL processes.
  • K2View Fabric organizes data around single logical business entities, such as a customer, and stores data for each entity in a secure micro-database.
  • Security and governance capabilities are built into K2View Fabric, offering patent-pending encryption at the business entity level and embedded data access controls with masking capabilities based on uses and roles.

Features and Benefits

  • Assesses the current state of data silos in modern enterprise IT architecture, and analyzes the problems they pose in efficient access and leverage of data.
  • Compares the traditional method of ETL processes to K2View's data-as-a-service model, which exposes data from nearly any data source.
  • Identifies the unique architectural aspects of the K2View architecture, and outlines the role of micro-databases in the logical organization of data.
  • Evaluates K2View's role and capabilities in supporting a customer 360-degree initiative, with its ability to organize data around logical entities.
  • Identifies the aspects of K2View's architecture and proprietary technology that contribute to security for data.

Key questions answered

  • What are the key architectural challenges facing the enterprise in the era of digital transformation, and why are ETL processes not sufficient for combining and exposing data?
  • How does the K2View Fabric platform help alleviate the need for ETL and expose data in near real time from native repositories?
  • How does K2View's architecture contribute to near real-time exposure of data and 360-degree views of business entities such as customers?
  • What aspects of K2View's micro-database architecture and proprietary technology contribute to its security capabilities?
  • Where does K2View fit in the competitive landscape for data integration solutions and platforms?

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