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Directly offers a crowd-powered artificial intelligence (AI) enterprise platform that is helping companies offload labor costs associated with staffing contact centers and give informed responses to questions from users in industries with complex products. This On the Radar explores how the platform combines messaging, machine learning, and gig work to help reduce support volume and deliver real-time responses to individual customers.


  • Directly uses machine learning to not only identify the types of support questions coming in but also to locate the most appropriate domain expert to route the question to.

Features and Benefits

  • Evaluates Directly's AI-crowd-sourcing platform and provides five potential benefits customers will gain from deploying it.
  • Analyzes the cost benefits and productivity gains customers will see from deploying the Directly platform.

Key questions answered

  • How can Directly help reduce contact center costs?
  • How can Directly help leverage the gig economy while improving customer satisfaction?

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  • Why put Directly on your radar?


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