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Immuta provides governance for data science. Serving a range of stakeholders, Immuta provides a unified data management platform for implementing complex policy, administering access controls, monitoring data usage, and facilitating collaboration.


  • Immuta provides a data management platform for data science, allowing key stakeholders to access and collaborate around centrally governed data assets.
  • Self-service data access and control is a leading use case for the Immuta platform; however, governance of the data science process also accelerates model deployment and business outcomes.
  • The Immuta Data Policy Engine allows the enterprise to build granular controls for data access, use, and protection, applied regardless of the data’s native repository.

Features and Benefits

  • Assesses the current state of data science initiatives within the enterprise, and identifies barriers to the successful scaling of data science processes.
  • Analyzes the effect of evolving regulatory pressures on the data science process within the enterprise, and outlines the governance controls that are required to comply.
  • Identifies the Immuta platform's capabilities for implementing complex policy, administering access controls, monitoring data usage, and facilitating collaboration of the data science process.
  • Compares Immuta's platform and centralized governance approach to the common "siloed" approach of modern data science initiatives.
  • Evaluates the capabilities of Immuta's Data Policy Engine, and explains how unified policy control can facilitate compliance and accelerate model deployment.

Key questions answered

  • In the effort to "operationalize" data science, what technical and organizational challenges does the enterprise currently face?
  • How do evolving data protection regulations, such as GDPR, increase the need for centralized governance of the entire data science process?
  • What are the core information management capabilities of the Immuta platform, and how does it help govern and facilitate the data science workflow?
  • What key enterprise stakeholders are the primary users of the Immuta platform, and what functionality is available to them?
  • How does Immuta integrate with, and leverage, existing investments and tools for data science and governance?

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